If you are investigating how to start a computer repair business, you simply have to take advantage of the free options of promotion that the Web presents you. Not long in the past, brand new businesses would have to advertise in papers, in phone books, and even on the radio and television to find new clients, but there are so many Web users now that you can bypass these costly marketing channels and go straight to internet marketing. Remember, as opposed to so many other smaller businesses, 100% of your customers are on the internet. Before the rise of Internet advertising, it was certainly necessary to put money into print advertising in papers and phone books. However Internet use is now so common that lots of new companies find they can acquire lots of new business without having to spend a dollar. Additionally take into account that your customers--computer owners--own their pcs for the purpose of browsing the web. So for your needs, advertising online is a targetted and efficient means of marketing.

Craigslist needs to be your 1st advertising outlet. Craigslist rules classifieds marketing in North America. Newspaper classifieds are very brief or completely gone now as a result of Craigslist. The internet has become more widely used for classifieds advertising because it gives the customer the power to search for what he wants. It's faster and provides more details about the things and companies they're looking for. Nevertheless, because Craigslist is so widely used, you will encounter a lot of competition there. You will have to advertise among other computer repair companies that offer lower prices. When you have a great strategy, though, you can field lots of profitable calls and emails. First, it's very crucial that you include as many frequent search terms as possible in your advertisement. Look at your competitors advertisements. Record 20 most common phrases you find. Be sure to include these inside your ad. A correctly written heading produces maximum clicks. The top item in the search results is not always the item that gets the most clicks. Mentioning special discounts and expiring offers creates rewards for searchers to click on your ad and find out more about your offer. Also, capital letters, exclamation points, and various characters such as arrows and stars help to distinguish your ad.

After you have earned your searcher's click, have a distinct plan to earn their email or phone call. A lot of computer repair techs fail to post specific reasons why they are worth a phone call. They only list their services and prices. Putting up your photo, it's been found, can more than double the response you get for your advertisement. Remember that your customers are choosing a stranger they are going to bring into their home. A photograph helps to build trust in the services you provide. A biography of yourself is extremely important. List any jobs, qualifications, and particular specialties. Finally, a unique offer for a discount is quite persuasive. The discount should have an expiry date. You can also include a no cost service like a registry cleanup for all new customers. Producing urgency in your advertising greatly improves its effectivenss. Never believe that Craigslist is a price war. This simply isn't true. Customer do not instantly trust the businesses with the cheapest rates because they make assumptions about their service quality being poor. In fact, the company with the most trustworthy presentation wins the most calls, email, and ultimately, profitable business on Craigslist.

One last piece of advice. For those who have a website--and you simply must have a website for creditiblity--be sure to incorporate a clickable hyperlink to your web site in every Craigslist advertisment you post. The various search engines crawl Craigslist searching for links. Hyperlinks on Craigslist not only build visitors to your web site, but push you up the search engine ranking positions themselves.

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