Attracting your First Customers

One of the more attractive reasons of starting a pc repair business is that the startup costs are absolutely minimal. 99% of what's truly useful is already in your mind. For many years, you have fixed the operating system problems, the networking problems, the printer problems, installed RAM, set up new computers, remove viruses and spyware, and restored extremely slow running computers for your friends and family. That ability to fix common computer problems is in high demand among the public. Two out of every three homes has a personal computer in it now. And less than 10% of those computer owners can fix the sorts of problems you've been fixing for a long time now.

To get started legally, you must first secure the name of your business with your local Secretary of State. Without business name you can obtain a business license in your county and open a business checking account you should have less than $100 invested at this point.

I've found that the best source for immediate, and new business is to advertise on craigslist. You do not necessarily have to advertise the cheapest rates to get calls and e-mails. A very well-written ad that has the keywords people are looking for and that includes specific benefits of your particular business will get you a lot of calls. You don't necessarily have to take on every job. There are some problems that involve software, hardware, and operating systems that you have no experience with. There's nothing wrong with turning down a job that could turn out to be a disaster. There's plenty of very simple work out there.

Having a website is absolutely critical. Take a look at the websites of your competitors and imagine yourself as a visitor. You will certainly find some common mistakes. The most common is that the website fails to collect the contact information of the visitor. On your own website, offer a coupon for 20% off in exchange for your customers e-mail can set this up with a

Now, you have the contact information of your prospect and can begin sending them useful computer advice every two weeks by e-mail. As long as you offer useful non-sales information, that prospect will begin to trust you as their adviser on all things computer related. And in the long term you're likely to have a loyal customer.

Finally, be sure to list your on all of the local business directories in your city such as yelp, Citysearch, Yahoo local, Google places, and any other directory that appears when you search for computer repair services in your local area. There are so many opportunities for free promotion in the Internet age. You simply cannot afford to overlook any of them.

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